Beesonstock is a music and arts festival held on a 10 acre farm southwest of Cisne, IL. Beginning in 2002 as a small gathering  the festival has had multiple locations, finally settling into it’s current site. The property  started receiving the necessary attention in late 2013. It is now equipped with a 26x20 foot covered stage with  camping and parking to facilitate approximately 500-700 occupants.  The festival is held on a weekend in late July annually.



Prohibited (not allowed):

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Glass containers of any kind
  • Drugs or controlled substances of any kind
  • Pets
  • Children under the age of ten
  • Minors(unless accompanied by parent)
  • Violence will not be tolerated and legal authorities will be used if necessary
  • All Terrain Vehicles (or any kind of small motor vehicles)
  • Campfires
  • Loud music at campsites
  • No entry or Re-entry to the festival site after 9p.m.


  • Tents
  • Alcohol (only if in aluminum or plastic containers)
  • Tobacco( please be mindful of others and to not accidentally start a fire)
  • Food and drinks
  • Glowsticks, party favors, costumes, etc.



Past performing artists

A street called Worthey      Eric redenbo
M.I.N.T          Adversity in Red       Ian Presswood
Mauled by Bears         The Page      Salt rock jones
Green Lincoln     The Progject       Jon Stanley
Leroy and The Dadburnits        Forty minus One
Cowboy Style         Seven Inside      South Street Jam Band
Beneath the Veil          Kumquate Mae       12 Toe Joe
Scott Schauf       Jam Nut       The Smoke Rings    
Pink Flood and The Magenta Tide        Veritas
Josh Brolin    Jaik Willis      Ric Fuel
Parlor Knights       Sam Smith       Mat Kuhlig
Keeps        Dip 60        The Sweeps
Justin Torres Loop Project       Benjamin French
Natrix      Chrysta Childers      Downstate
Sister Space      SMASH        Chris Scott
Mookie Doodat          The Driftaways